Sign Our Petition: Eliminate Gun Violence!

We have about 1000 petitions signed in paper and online form. We are aiming for 5000. This article explains why you should sign and help us raise awareness about gun violence.



In a previous article entitled, “Ending the Epidemic of Violent Black Death,” I wrote about Daryl Washington, an innocent victim of gun violence. I urged readers to see this as a nationwide epidemic rather than an isolated incident.

Since that time, I attended Daryl’s emotional funeral service, listened to some

African American self-hatred is a loaded gun pointed backwards African American self-hatred is a loaded gun pointed backwards

grieving friends and relatives bear witness to his warm smile, inspiring spirit, and powerful presence, and witnessed an entire community mourn yet another promising person victimized by ignorance and self-hatred via gun shot.

But things did not end with Daryl’s murder, moving testimonies, or tearful pleas for violence to end. Not this time. I’m proud to write that this community, my community, refuses to bury this young man’s spirit in the coffin with him. They/we have decided to honor his memory and raise awareness about gun violence in the Black…

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